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Found these Brogues on eBay and just had to get them (and for the quality they were dirt cheap).

They seem to have been made by an obscure german company that I couldn’t find any information about (so maybe it doesn’t exist anymore). The label on the inside reads “Will Lester by Kleinmanns”, the imprints in the soles read “Real Blake System - Hand Made - Genuine Leather - Made in E.E.C” (E.E.C. means European Economic Community, the E.E.C been has been renamed to European Community / European Union in 1993, so there’s a possibility that these shoes have been made more than 17 years ago).

I intended to wear them as everyday shoes (in dry weather) but seeing how nice they turned out after cleaning and buffing I might reserve them for dressier occasions, like dates, weddings, job interviews etc.


Studded Prada shoes (on ebay) … iWant!

Update: they were sold for 330 Euros (currently about 435$). Damn, I wish I could have afforded that…




Cocaine vandal. I induct scandal.


Florsheim by Duckie Brown lace shoe. Laser cut shoes are the future.



Bally x Central Saint Martins

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